Discover your inner greatness…

Do you know what your life purpose is? What the core of your existence gravitates around? Who are you? And why are you here? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Do you care? Do you know what you’re good at? What you’re really, really good at? From birth, we were all given a talent. With this talent, we are capable of becoming the best at what we do. The very best. Do you know what your talent is? Would you like to? Your talent is your gift. If we recognize our talent, we can lead an amazing life on purpose. The universe will constantly align itself to provide us with what we need when we’re on the right path. 

I read something on TDL about this particular subject. It said to find your purpose you must…

“First, think back about all your happy memories. Think back to your childhood and your teenage years; remember the first time you felt romantic love and remember the first time something BIG happened. Finally, think back and find your most recent happy memory.

Look for the common thread in these memories. Who was there? Why were you happy? What emotions were you feeling? Did you feel a sense of connection, joy, happiness, belonging, freedom or peace? Try to see the common emotions that span all of your happy memories. There is information in there that is vital to finding your purpose.”

I’ve been really doing some introspection and soul-searching to come up with the answer. Writing. I want it to be writing but something inside me rejects that idea. I dig deeper. When am i most happy? When i’m interacting with people who share my thoughts or view, when i feel like i’m connecting with them, when i get my point of view across, when i am able to create a beautiful moment which will forever be a memory with somebody. So how does that translate into talent? I don’t know… But i’m going to keep looking.

Here is the link to the entire TDL article for you to get a better idea on how to find your purpose… [I’m a huge fan of this site, it’s like i’m a hormone-crazed schoolgirl and Mastin is Brad Pitt but let’s just keep that between ourselves]

Find your gift and then share it. Live on purpose 🙂


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