Never apologize for dreaming…

Today I have decided that as wonderful as dreaming makes me feel on the inside, I’m not giving the chance for anybody out there to dream with me because I’m keeping it all to myself. “The only thing that matters is action” is what my father always used to tell me.

I used to argue and complain that action can only arrive from having an idea, from dreaming, therefore it is essential. “Yes, but then what? If you do nothing with it then what’s the point” he’d snap back at me.

The point? Did there have to be a point? Were my dreams not enough? Was the act of creating them not everything? Was I missing something?

Yes. I was. The truth is… I never believed I could make my dreams a reality. Until now. Until I realized that my self-doubt was holding me back. Who is to say what you are capable of? Nobody. No one but yourself. You are limitless and you can achieve any and everything you put your mind into.

When I was little, I wanted to be a superhero. My dad told me that I needed a superpower to become one. I thought long and hard about it. What was “super” about me? I was drawing blanks. Everything about me seemed “normal” at the time. I found a piece of myself in everyone around me. I felt like I had nothing unique. Wrong. Everything about me is unique. From the way I talk, to my experiences, to my thoughts, my feelings… everything. So… today I started a little “Me” project… Writing. I just want people to read what I write and for it to touch them in some way. So I’ve uploaded a series of stories online for free. I hope it works out *crosses fingers*

The craziest thing about all this? Now that I’ve finally started doing something about my most inner desires, I’ve been feeling a very unexpected emotion coming up while I put things into action… Guilt.

I feel more and more guilty with every step I take. Like I’m going in the wrong direction even though I KNOW that this is where I want to be and where I want to go. I feel guilty for my parents. For not doing what they want me to, for not living up to traditional expectations. I feel selfish… like I’m just doing what I want and not thinking about anything or anyone in the process. But I am… and thanks to Danielle I realized that guilt was just part of the whole deal. So I’m peaceful again and looking forward to the road ahead.

Here is a link to Danielle Laporte’s Feeling Guilty article:

Have a great day!

I love you 🙂


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