Quit Spinning & Start Living

I’m ready to go, ready to go
I’m starting to feel like I don’t belong here
I’m stuck inside, I’m stuck inside
Try to escape from the prison in my mind
But I gotta leave, I gotta leave
‘Cause all I believe is shouting white lies
They tying me up, tying me down
Couldn’t find the strength to find a way out

I watch the world speed up, I am a ballerina
Spinning around, yeah, I’m unraveling

Livvi Franc is an extremely talented human being and also someone I look up to. Did i mention she’s from Barbados? Gotta love it =)

This song… Well it points out how easy it is for us to get “caught up” in our own lives, in the external forces all around us that keep pushing and pulling. If we aren’t constantly making decisions we find ourselves reacting to circumstances outside of our control. We give the big Power Wand to Life itself and we say “Hey, here you go, take my power. My life is not my responsibility anymore” Except that it is.

It’s your life.

Take responsibility for it. You are responsible for your actions, your thoughts, your emotions.

Instead of being a ballerina, you can be the music.

I am proposing a Paradigm Shift right now. I want you to revolutionize the way you look at your life, like you were God and you could make anything happen for yourself. Yes. I said it. Like you were God. Because God made you and he lives in you. You’re as much a part of him as He is of you.

What would you be doing with your life right now if anything were possible?


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