You are Loved…

Do you keep your thoughts inside your head?
Do you regret the things you never said?
You have a voice, you have to use it
You have a choice, don’t let them shut you down, down
Don’t let them shut you down

You are loved
You are loved

Freedom comes in letting go
Open up the window to your heart
Freedom comes in letting go
Open up your heart
You are loved
You are loved


Tell me something. Do you think a stranger could love you? Have you ever had that feeling like you were connected to the people around you, you find yourself thinking about others, people you don’t know, reflecting on their lives and possibly feeling for them?

This has happened to me. Sometimes it’s generic. Like I’m thinking about the entire human race, the entire Universe. I leave nobody out. I think about family, friends, neighbors, their dogs, the little stubby weeds that grow on sidewalks, the ants, the trees, the flowers, the bus driver, his wife, the passengers, the tourist, the market vendors, the bank clerks, the surfers, the drug addicts, the ex convicts, the teenage mom at the grocery store, the grocery store owner, the artist, the hairdresser, the call center representative, the garbage cleaner, the farmer, the dancer… and you.

Sometimes I think that there is not a single difference between me and a single soul or living, breathing thing on earth. And I love it all because it’s a part of me and vice versa.  I genuinely feel my heart swell up, grow stretch marks until I can’t take it anymore and I have to release it. So i let it go out into the world. That is how I love this world. This Universe. Myself. and You. Because I do. I Love You! I don’t have to know you to do that. I love your soul, I love that energy that you were born with because I can feel it even if sometimes you forget it’s there.

What about you? What do you love? Who do you love? Why do you love? How do you love?


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