You are More.

 …And that you realize your size in relation to this one universal declaration: I desire.

You are the space and the fullness.

The core and the more.

Ever expanding.


–Danielle Laporte

You are more… You are infinitely more. You are everything. You are energy. You are life. You are passion. You are love. You are desire. 

We tend to associate desire with lust, with ego. We think it’s wrong for us to feel it, don’t we? I know I’ve felt guilty more than once for desiring something.

When I was younger, my heart ached to be independent. I wanted to be left to my own devices and I was so confident in myself to land on my feet. Last year, I finally achieved one of my lifelong dreams of living alone in a foreign country. I spent 12 beautiful, crazy, colorful, loud, gutsy, inspiring, educational, heart wrenching and fulfilling months in Buenos Aires, Argentina working as an English Teacher.

It wasn’t easy and I most certainly didn’t always land on my feet. And I fell… a lot. The first month was the hardest. I missed everything about home, even the things I hated when I was there. The heat, the sweat, the small city life, not having much to do, I missed that. I missed the people. Warm, friendly people we are. The city was so big I felt like it would swallow me. My second month, I moved out of the Hostel I was living in and into an apartment. My third month, I dedicated to exploring the city. My fourth month, I met the love of my life. My fifth month in, I couldn’t pay rent so I got kicked out of my apartment and begged a friend to sleep on her couch. Six months in, I was struggling to make ends meet.

What I know now that I didn’t know then was that there was an undercurrent pulling me towards my dreams. I had gone there for a reason. There was something I wanted to achieve and no matter what happened, no matter how much I had to bust my @$$ it always felt like it was worth it. That energy was desire.

I had a burning desire to become my own person, and I still do. It’s what lights my fire. It ignites my soul. So do not be afraid of desire. Learn to channel it in the right way. If we are attracted to something, it is for a reason. That is the fundamental Law of Attraction.

I stumbled upon Danielle Laporte by chance in 2011 and it’s been a passionate love affair ever since. She is someone who will have you questioning what you think you know and feel

You can read more awesome stuff by Danielle at :


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