You are miracle.

Even at your worst, you are still your best.
You are miracle.
You are miracle.
Why is it you insist on walking through this life as though you are any less?

I’ll admit that they’re days where I wake up and feel not so awesome. I didn’t get enough sleep the night before so I have those gigantic black bags around my eyes, my hair decided it wants to go on strike, I feel bloated for some inexplicable reason and those are just the physical characteristics. Sometimes I wake up feeling spiritually broke, as if everything I know to be true flew out a secret window when I was sleeping. I wake up like a newborn, unassuming and unaware. I don’t know anything. I’m lost and confused. Who am I? What am I doing with my life? Sometimes you get the wind knocked out of you. This has happened to me recently. We feel that way in situation that seem to be out of our control. For example, when a bf/gf breaks up with you, when you lose your job even though you never liked it in the first place, when you get robbed, when you’ve been lied or cheated to, when an idea, a dream is shattered.

What do we usually do when things like that happen? Well, since it’s not legal to beat other people up we end up beating ourselves. We beat ourselves down into the ground til we reach so low that we find it difficult to find a single good thing about us.

I’ve been feeling short lately. I’ve been feeling less. I’ve been feeling inadequate. I haven’t been feeling as if i’m giving life my 100%. Each day is a new life and I’ve been squandering some of those lives even though my heart is in the right place, even though i’m aware and I have all the right intentions.

This is why I’m sharing this poem with you today. Because… I was foolish. I was foolish to believe that I had to live up to a stereotypical concept of “perfection” to be “good enough”. I’ve been telling you guys all along. You are enough!

So I ranted to my friend this morning and this is what she told me:

“You’re lovely Dolls. And you’re beyond human even when you don’t give your all.”

And there it was… my “Magic Moment”.

How blind was I not to realize how F#$%*& lucky I am!

I have an amazing life. A beautiful family, lovely friends and I’m just surrounded by miracles… How could I have forgotten that?


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