The Lost Thing.

Put life aside for 15 minutes and watch this video.
Yes, I know what I said and I mean it.
I promise you it is worth each and every valuable second of your precious time.
This is a short film done by Shaun Tan. Now, I don’t know Shaun. But I love him. He resonates with my mind and soul.

I remembered this video and wanted to share it with you today when I began to clean my room. Lol. Hear me out just a little longer.

So I began to clear my room and I thought to myself “I need to find a place for everything.” Every item that I was trying to organize had to have a designated spot in order for things to look neat. But some of my stuff don’t have a “place”. They’re just all over the place or they could be in different places at different times. But that causes disorder.

So I started to think about us human beings and how funny enough we’ve seemed to kind of created a sort of “tidy room”. We know where we’re supposed to be at all times. At home, or work or in traffic or at a dentist appointment. When we stray is when terrible or amazing things happen, or so we think. It’s only so because it’s unexpected.

So what would happen… if we all got messy for a day? There would be chaos wouldn’t there? Well this video touches on the subject of belonging and if you haven’t thought about it before, it will surely get you thinking about your place in this vast space.


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