I Dare You… to be YOU!


 find the others

I fell in love with this little comic. You have no ideas how many times I was that girl in the elevator wondering if I was the only one!

I had all this “stuff” inside me that I wanted to share, that I wanted someone to see but I just couldn’t get it across using conventional methods of conversation.

You know what I do now? I go all out.

From the first time I meet you, I’m going to say something “out of the box”.

I met a girl at a spoken word poetry event last week, the mere fact that we were both there already said a lot to me. It said we had a similar interest. So I went up to her and introduced myself. Then I said:

“Listen, I know we don’t know each other but you seem like an amazing person. And because you’re you, that makes you unique. I’m pretty awesome too. So how about we keep in touch?”

“Sure!” she said after flashing me a smile. We exchanged contact details and I’ve made a new friend.

I truly believe that the people we meet are the people that are meant to come into our lives. There are no mistakes or coincidences. She might’ve been someone that I passed by every morning without knowing it. Because after I met her, I spotted her a few times after. Isn’t is beautiful when that happens?

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strangest pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. -Rumi.


Find out who YOU are. Not the person that others want you to be. Find out your Truth!

Then, give in and let go. Watch your Universe expand and explode!



4 thoughts on “I Dare You… to be YOU!

  1. Reblogged this on Empower and Balance and commented:
    Love this post! Sometimes I am the one taking chances on reaching out and other times, I am the one standing shyly in the corner. My intention though is to more and more, be the one taking a chance!

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