Between Two Minds…

This little animation spoke volumes to me. Skhizien means “to split” in Greek. Schizophrenia actually derives from the word ‘Skhizien’ and ‘-Phren’ which means “mind”. So it takes a unique perspective on the topic of Schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a “mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by a deficit of typical emotional responses”. I’m not familiar with it. I’ve had friends who have had “episodes”. I dated someone who was Bipolar. But I personally don’t know much about it. I watched A Beautiful Mind and that’s about it.

When I watched this film, I didn’t even think Schizophrenia. It’s only when I saw the comments and researched the name. What struck out to me was the story, the main character and his ‘coping mechanism’ with everything that is happening to him. To me, the film conveys depression. The character feels “displaced” from life, like he was off his axis:

I wasn’t always like this. I was normal. My every move, thought, feeling had its blueprint. Every tiny little thing had a specific place inside my huge glassy bubble. Now it’s cracked. The wind comes in through the gaps and parts the curtains. And I can see outside that the world is purple. For I have mixed logic with madness. You wouldn’t stand under this. But who cares? I know I don’t. From where I’m standing, it’s not a bother anymore. A little bit more, a little bit less… What’s the point of knowing how much you’ve slipped out of your mind?

How many of you feel like this right now? How many of you have had a metaphorical meteor land right on you? How many of you feel out of place? How many of you get through it? How many of you stay optimistic?

These are some of the questions that ran through my mind as I watched and wept.

This is a story about change, challenge, adapting, perseverance, society, logic, sanity, optimism, courage and faith.

Henry is an inspiration to me. He pushed forward and tried to make the best out of his situation. He manged to adapt to an impossible circumstance.

We could all learn something from Henry and try too see that nothing is impossible to overcome. Not even the unimaginable.

What are you going through? Can you find the positive side to it? Can it be something that will possibly help you grow? Can you find the strength to overcome?




One thought on “Between Two Minds…

  1. Mystics, geniuses, people labeled mentally ill are often people who are using parts of their brains and psyches in a new and expanded way. As we go through the transformation taking place on the planet, we, too, can feel like there is something off within us, when really, we are actually letting go of the shackles that have kept us so limited for so long. It is disorienting at times but I’m excited about it and looking forward to seeing how things are once I’m living in that fully expanded place.

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