Existential Bummer

This video will possibly inspire you, make you tear up, and convince you to go out and start living life to the fullest — all in three minutes.

For the last few months, filmmaker Jason Silva has been impressing us with his philosophical YouTube series, “Shots of Awe.” This installment, called “Existential Bummer,” is no exception.

In it, Silva asks: How should we react to the fact that everything we love will eventually come to an end?

Watch his response above.

I love everything about this video, from the angles of the camera to the Freud & Rilke reference to the use of the word entropy.

“There’s a sadness to the ecstasy”


It’s so painfully and yet beautifully true. We cherish the special moments because we know that they’re ephemeral. Nothing lasts forever, well besides our souls. Everything is impermanent. There is no yesterday or tomorrow, all we have really and truly IS THIS MOMENT! 


This moment is our present, past & future. So yes, we can make a moment last forever, we can not let go, we can make it count. Live your life as if you are experiencing a succession of moments rather than counting down the hours or the moments.

Each day we are born anew, Buddha said. What you do with your life RIGHT NOW is all that matters. If you don’t do anything, that’s ok. Start over tomorrow. Try again. Each day we are born anew… take that to heart. Each day you wake up with a clean slate. What happened yesterday no longer matters, what’s going to happen tomorrow holds no bearing on you. You are in the present moment and making the most of it!

carpe diem