Connect by Disconnecting…

Does this video look familiar to you? Do you see this in your social circles? at Work? School? Home? Do you see the closest people you know following this pattern? Friends? Family? Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

How does it make you feel. What about you? Are you part of it yourself?

The funny thing is: If everybody is ‘plugged in’, there’s no one to notice the problem. 

I have a blackberry. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had one (since they came out). Last year, when I was living abroad, my blackberry broke. And so I did the most sensible thing – I bought the cheapest phone I could find. And just like that, I broke free of a circle I didn’t know I was in. I was missing BBM and Whatsapp group messages, I wouldn’t get Facebook notifications or emails on my phone and guess what? I didn’t need it. I was fine. I was more than fine. I wasn’t just surviving, I was living. I was living in the present moment. something we forget to do. Yes, this is a fast pace world we live in. Yes the internet is a driving force in today’s society and economy but ask yourself this… Are you spending more time than you should on your phone/laptop/tablet? Could you possibly manage to do a few things without it?


Here’s what I do: I spend 60 minutes a day completely disconnected from everything. My phone and my computer (that’s all the technology I use) and I make an effort to be fully engaged and present in the moment. I don’t have to be doing something special. I could be at work attending a customer, but I’m really there. I could be reading a book, walking on the beach (fantastic thing to do), taking a shower. Whatever it is. I’m 100% present.


Be present in your life. 

Trust me.

Try it.

Let go…


3 thoughts on “Connect by Disconnecting…

    1. It is bad and it’s getting even worse. Glad you liked the video, feel free to share it. Thank you for humbling my blog with your presence!

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