The Art of Being Alone…

This charming video pays tribute to the happy wholesomeness of being alone. Tanya Davis recites her poem about the ways of solitude, gently cataloging all the places where ‘aloneness’ can bring freedom and healing. Whether at a lunch counter, park bench, mountain trail, or on the edge of a dance floor – all you have to do is love yourself enough, to love being alone.

Lonely is a freedom that breathes easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it.

I couldn’t have said it any better. I used to have a friend who confessed to me that she “hated being alone”. She couldn’t stand it. Since she was 14, she had been dating someone and it’s what she knew. When she broke up with her first boyfriend at 18, in less than a week she’d gotten another one. This succession continues until today. Her last breakup was four months ago and this time she was heartbroken. It took her longer to get back on her feet, to fill that empty space in her life. She found herself confronted with… herself. And she didn’t like what she saw. That’s when her whole world changed. She told me “If I don’t like my own company, If I’m afraid of my own thoughts, If I don’t enjoy being with myself how is anyone else going to do it?” That’s when she made a promise to herself.

“I want to fall in love with me so I can enjoy being with just me, I want to do things just for me. I want to be happy without relying on anybody.”

She quit her job, got a new career, a new car, new clothes and a brand new attitude to go with it. If you see this girl now you’d never think that she once hated being alone.

Being alone is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It opens up a portal to self-discovery. To awareness about yourself, who you are and your relationship to everything around you. It is inevitable to stumble upon your greatness, your depth, your beauty, your light. Don’t choose to be alone but if you find yourself in that situation, don’t see it as an inconvenience or a tragedy. Look at it as an opportunity to start dating and falling in love with yourself!

To read the entire poem you can visit this site.

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And remember, Loneliness and Solitude are very different things.


11 thoughts on “The Art of Being Alone…

  1. Wonderful, loved. I’ve always felt happy alone. I don’t know that I’ve ever achieved being a testament, but who knows where life will lead. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it. Brenda

  2. Congratulations for the award. The title caught my eye, and you couldn´t be more right about being alone. ” I want to fall in love with me so I can enjoy being with just me, and do things just for me.” I´m happy your friend finally figured it out, first you have to love yourself, be comfortable with yourself and you´ll live a much better life.
    Great blog you have here.

  3. Hey Charly, I read your post too, it was a raw depiction of society as we know it and you were so right! I’m glad I found you and thank you very much for humbling my blog with your presence. My friend is doing amazing, she’s loving herself and therefore loving life! It still amazes me what a shift in the way you perceive things can totally transform your life.

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