Ask Yourself!

Happy New Year!

As we say goodbye to 2013,


We welcome 2014 with open arms. Will this year be different? Have you made a new resolution or have repeated an old one?


To me, every day is a new year, a new life, a new shot. My resolutions are decisions I make to change something and when I do, well, that’s my “new year”. A friend once told me she considered her birthday to be her New Year’s because it was the start of a new year of life for her and I thought that made a lot of sense. So… whatever you’re planning for this year, I wish you success! I wish that you DREAM BIG and fall somewhere among the stars and that you keep trying no matter what. Here are some prompts I’ve personally used to create my dream goals for 2014 that might come in handy for you too!

Ask Yourself…

1. What am I most proud of this year?
2. How can I become a better _____________?
3. Where am I feeling stuck?
4. Where do I need to allow myself grace?
5. Am I passionate about my career?
6. What lessons have I learned?
7. What did I my finances look like?
8. How did I spend my free time?
9. How well did I take care of my body, mind, and soul?
10. How have I been open-minded?
11. When did I feel most creatively inspired?
12. What projects have I completed?
13. How have I procrastinated?
14. In what ways can I re-structure my time?
15. How have I allowed fear of failure hold me back?
16. Where has self-doubt taken over?
17. When have I felt the most alive?
18. How have I taught others to respect me?
19. How can I improve my relationships?
20. Have I been unfair to anyone?
21. Who do I need to forgive?
22. Where is it time to let go?
23. What old habits would I like to release?
24. What new habits would I like to cultivate?
25. How can I be kind to myself?

My wish for you is that you take deep breaths, be in the present moment, smile always, be gentle and love hard this year!


PS- This is my 100th post! That’s one achievement down 🙂


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