The Kiddie Explanation for Vegetarianism…

I love children. They are innocent, unassuming, curious and incredibly loving. If you’ve ever spent time with a young child you know what I mean. Their zest for life is infectious, their happiness takes root in you. You get an incredible feeling when you’re able to see the world through their eyes. You wish you could hold on to those moments.

As a parent, you want to love and protect your child no matter what. Dinner, however, is a different matter. Unlike most children his age, Luiz Antonio wants to eat his vegetables. It’s the other stuff that apparently gives him second thoughts.

This is not a Pro-Vegetarian argument. This is meant to expose you to the innocent nature of children. They don’t know what’s right or wrong but they have a basic intuition. They’re not born hating or discriminating. They’re taught to do it all. Luiz brings his mothers to tears by defending “The Animals”. His ability to graciously reason and empathize with his plate of food is heart-warming. I do hope you enjoy!


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