“Our souls are …

“Our souls are in constant pursuit of their fullest expression. Our biggest job – and our most sacred assignment – is find what makes us truly come alive. That means: following our curiosities, embracing our contradictions, listening to our heart’s desires and while we do all that, making a commitment to add more love to the world. That’s what we’re here to do. To love and live – fully.”

Rachel Magahy

What make you come alive? 


3 thoughts on ““Our souls are …

  1. I love learning new things and making new connections as the result of my learning which broadens my understanding on a certain subject. That’s why I read a lot but also experiment with my urban gardening. I love to see plants grow. But I also read up on Buddhism to broaden my horizons intra-personally. I love helping people too. The lessons in life are another kind of “learning”, they are the “growing up”.

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