12 Steps to Thrive

12 Steps to Thrive

You’ve probably heard or read about each of these steps a million times, but a million and one never hurts. It’s not the theory that we’re missing, it’s the practice. This wonderful artwork made by Arianna Huffington in collaboration with Mindvalley is a perfect daily reminder of what we need to do in order to thrive (in my world it’s just about being).

Print it out if you like and stick it somewhere nice;

look at it at least twice and listen to that little voice inside 🙂


To access a larger resolution of the picture to print click here.

Photo Compliments: Mindvalley.com



A Witness to Happiness

While this may be a commercial for life insurance, it is not so far from the truth. In every corner of the Earth, we can find people just like this man. I know it to be true because I have met these people in my life. Graceful, humble, generous, kind souls. Unsung Heroes.

Modern society is a little obsessed with being seen, known, recognized. Everything is done with the intention of someone recognizing it. Social media fuels this obsession. Our thoughts are shared with thousands of people and we’re able to instantly get feedback.

But this is all a façade. We don’t share what’s really important, we hardly ever share the truth. So what are we really sharing?

Not everyone needs to receive a benefit to do a good deed. A little humanity would tell you to help the old lady cross the street, to buy a snack for the homeless man, to take a stray dog to a shelter.

A good deed never goes unnoticed, the Universe has eyes and ears everywhere.

What we need are more people that recognize and accept love as a currency…

That consider emotions as a payment to be worth our efforts.

In doing so, we reach a deeper understanding.

We get the feeling that we understand what this life is all about…


Feeling it, sharing it, being it.

It’s funny. I’ve always thought that money was what corrupted the world. Before we invented currency, we participated in barter where people would exchange goods or services among each other. It seemed to have work so well for centuries until well… greed came into the picture. People weren’t sure if they were getting as much as they were giving. Was one cow worth five pigs? Hence the invention of currency.

Nowadays, with all the uses of money we are more concerned with the things money cany buy… and it all boils down to one thing and one thing only:


A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
Thomas Carlyle


Let’s go out there and do something loving today 🙂