don’t forget: you are human

I’m falling in love with these Treasure Finds.

A profound revelation/remembrance on what it means to be Human

Conversations with a Human Heart.

part wolf

I see you now.

Fear camouflaged by counterfeit extroversion.

I see you.

You can’t see me, as I’m years into your future; in fact, you can’t see much more than this, your neon present cluttered with empty beer bottles and cigarette ash. You can’t see past instant gratification. You can’t see past the terrible way your heart feels when you’re alone.

I’m going to speak to you and hope you hear me; not just the words, not just the sentences. I hope you honestly, truly, fearlessly hear me.

Remember this, child: you are human.

You are human, which requires you to have a past.

There are millions of pasts out there, floating around in the universe, but no other past is your past. So however unfair, however burdensome, however slippery it may feel, this past is yours to care for; you must honor it as such.

Memories will bubble up, child. One day, amidst…

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