Who is this Chick?

The Third Person Intro:

Dolly Mahtani or Darshana as her grandfather likes to call her is a Professional Dreamer from Barbados (and Chile) ´{it’s a long story!}.
Currently an ESL Teacher and student of the Raja Yoga practice. A writer. A poet. An aspiring novelist and screenwriter. A lover. A giver. An optimist, a rebel, a romantic. A breaker of paradigms and stereotypes. She wants to change the world and find the rest of her tribe. She is part of the {R}evolution happening right now, at a corner near you. She is a warrior and her weapon of choice is her pen. She bleeds her heart out on the battlefield. Whatever her truth is, she puts it out there bare. Her deepest desire is to put something into the world that wasn’t there before. You have found the sacred space where she pours out her soul.. Enjoy! xxxxx

First Person Intro: 

Hiiii thank you so much for being here, I love you! (just know that)

My name is Dolly. I like the color purple, the rain, the snow, japanimation, collecting bills from every country I visit, wearing jackets. I love to write, sing in the shower and dream (a job I take very seriously). Romantic Rebel. I used to be asleep for a long time but now I am wide AWAKE. To the Universe, to the connection between you & me. Sometimes I think that I think too much. I’m in love with LOVE ❤ and I can no longer hold all the goodness within ❤

If you want to know WHY I started this blog just click here!

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21 thoughts on “Who is this Chick?

  1. Thank you Eva PoeteX! I am truly humbled and touched by your words but remember, everything you see and appreciate in me (or anyone for that matter) is a reflection of you as well… so you are just as amazing! Keep Shining 🙂

  2. Yep, definitely a kindred spirit, but right now I’d like to be sleeping. To a mommy of three, sleep is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you had actual gold, your children would just spend it at the arcade anyway. 🙂

    1. Why thank you very much Belu, my goal is to leave the world a little brighter than before. I adore your blog as well and it seems like we definitely do share some passions! I LOVE to travel! You’ve inspired me to start a travel blog =] Thank you for visiting my site and liking some of my posts, have an awesome weekend 🙂

    1. On the contrary, thank you Eduezee! You have an amazing site. I know you will help many people. Thank you for visiting my blog, your presence is humbling =]

    1. thanks mistermaxxx!!! You have humbled this blog with your presence, stay tuned to keep receiving the awesomeness 🙂

  3. I absolutely love your blog! Especially the F.O.B.S post! It really hits home, keep shining on for all of us that are not ready to take the leap you already have 🙂 stay down to earth and head in the clouds, best way to enjoy and experience life! stay awesome!

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