Open Up & Expand

We all have cargo. We all come carrying stories on our shoulders. We all come burdened with raw emotions we have not been able to leave behind.

We are all heavy in our own way.

We keep so much inside the universe that we are, afraid of being misunderstood, criticized or judged. We are afraid of losing… of hurting… of being hurt.

Who can we tell all our secrets to? Who can we trust? Who will listen without judgement?

We have been taught to bottle up our feelings. We have been educated to believe that sharing our deepest emotions is a sign of weakness.

What are you hiding? What are you not telling? What are you ashamed of? What are you afraid of? What is YOUR truth?

Own it… and share it with someone you love today. Let’s change how we communicate.

Let’s never have an empty conversation again. Let’s never bring up the weather. Let “small talk” cease to exist. Let’s get real. Let’s go deep. Within ourselves and our relations with others. I believe we are all here to relate. So let’s do that.

Let go of your fear, your anger, your shame and make room for the love, for the beauty.

Unburden yourself. Lift the weight. Shake the heavy off.

Be Yourself.


Be unapologetically you.


Watch Strangers become Friends!

This is pure awesomeness, I think it’s the perfect video to start off December!

Watch strangers become friends in 3 minutes! SoulPancake hits the streets to see what happens when two strangers sit in a ball pit… and talk about life’s big questions. When they first get in, they’re not sure what to think. But there’s just something about a ball pit that breaks down barriers and encourages new friends. New souls collide and realize… we’re not that different. I love making new friends and I’m quite inclined to start a ball pit in my country to make this a thing. Which brings me to my assignment…

“One’s life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, and compassion”
~ Simone de Beauvoir

Happy December my WordPress Family!

I love this season. Love is in the air.. literally! It’s the season that turns the grumpiest people into believers. The whole world comes together to advocate love, peace, joy and gratitude. It is the Season of Giving. Everyone is opening up their hearts to let more love in and more love out. If you just look around, you’ll see it.

December is a time where everything is possible (although we know it’s really all year round). But more people believe in December. So i’d like you to try something with me…

This December, I will let my guard down. I will break my walls. I will be open. I will be honest. I will make a new friend.

This is my promise for December. Will you join me?