Help I’m alive my heart keeps beating like hammer…
Hard to be soft, Tough to be tender.
Come take my pulse, The pace is on a runway train
Hard to be soft, Tough to be tender.

If you are still alive …..
Then my regrets are few,
If my life is mine,
What shouldn’t I do?

This life is yours and only yours! Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. Every breathe you take is upto to you what to do with all that life inside of you… so breathe, just breathe and live!


The Importance of Me Time

The Importance of Me Time

There is something every human being on earth has in common. Something we would be so much happier without yet we cannot seem to avoid it. Can you guess what it is? Here’s a hint: It rhymes with guess. The answer: STRESS! Well, let’s exclude religious leaders and monks out of the equation. As much as we try to stay “zen” about everything, it finds us. It follows us around like a shadow, lurking around waiting to jump us at each corner.. lol I’m letting my novelist persona get the best of me. So basically, sometimes we get so caught in our own stress or even in someone else’s to really take notice of what else is happening around us. It’s easy to tell someone to “stop and smell the roses” but what we really should be telling them to do is “Hey, i know you’re stressed. But look, the stress isn’t going anywhere so why don’t you come with me for a walk, let’s get a breathe of fresh air and come back and try to figure this out.” It sounds too simple, but yet oh so powerful. When we’re stressed, our mind starts to go down this narrow path, so narrow that we even forget to BREATHE. And that lack of oxygen doesn’t help with the thought process. So that walk, that fresh air, those deep breathes, the smell of a fresh rose… It’s food and energy for your soul. When you encounter difficult situations they are two things you need to overcome them: Mental and Emotional Strength. With these two things, I truly believe anything is possible. So my advice for the day is to feed your mind and your heart with the best gourmet food out there! Whether it’s re-reading your favorite book for the 10th time or running a marathon… invigorate yourself and reap the rewards of your awesomeness =)